This should ABSOLUTELY be your #1 concern when selecting a music school. Is there an instructor at the school you are researching that is truly a specialist of that instrument? It is not uncommon to find a school where one teacher teaches ALL the instruments. You will want to do more research on this particular teacher to ensure that they really are a master of all the instruments offered or a “Jack Of All Trades.” Music Lab takes pride in knowing all our instructors have a primary instrument that they teach. Does the perspective instructor play the instrument professionally, or in playing situations that you could watch/attend? All the instructors at Music Lab are in a current playing situation that would allow students to watch their instructor in action. We have visited the topic of the relationships/bonds made with an instructor when learning an instrument, and this is EXTREMELY important when selecting a music school to take lessons from. Make sure that the instructor is someone that you want to take lessons from!


Facilities are often overlooked when looking at potential music schools. Are there two drum sets in the teaching room so that the student is always behind a kit? Are the drum sets actual acoustic/electric drums or “practice pad” kits? While an expert teacher can teach from a practice pad kit, the STUDENT should be practicing on a real/electronic drum set option. Are the keyboards/pianos equipped with “weighted keys”? This is important for the piano student to get the closest “feel” of a piano. Some studios will give lessons with a keyboard that is not weighted, and this makes a BIG difference in the “feel” of the instrument. Do the guitar rooms have amps in them for those learning electric guitar? You want to make sure that the facilities of the music school are adequate and provide you everything you need to be successful on your instrument!


A track record ALWAYS helps when selecting a music school. Many new students find out about a school through “word of mouth.” A family had/has taken lessons at a particular school and recommends it to the new student. Nothing can beat that type of recommendation for a music school. History also means that a music school has probably had to adopt, and adapt to the current trends that students are interested in. Music Lab schools are always looking for ways to be innovative and staying up to date with current trends. Most notably, and most recently, our schools went to a completely virtual platform when COVID-19 forced businesses to close as part of a “Shelter In Place” order. That adaptability allowed our schools to continue to provide top-notch music lessons. We are officially back to In-Person lessons, but because of the success with the virtual option, we will be continuing to offer that to our students indefinitely!


When you have the best instructors, the best facilities, and the best history, it also allows for our schools to have the best culture! This is something that cannot be bought, or even be taught! Music Lab Schools has always taken pride in our school’s culture. It started several years ago when we were The Drum Lab (check off the “History” column!) The Drum Lab crafted and created a culture that made students WANT to come to lessons and be a part of the school. In fact, some of the students ended up becoming the instructors at Music Lab! It is rare for companies to not only retain the clients, but to also retain them as employees later. Our culture is so special and unique to our schools that it really requires seeing it in person and engaging to get the true sense. We take a lot of pride in the culture we have here at Music Lab – East Sacramento and are truly looking forward to introducing YOU to what we have to offer.