Non-musicians often hold the approximately 25 percent of Americans who can play an instrument in a little bit of awe. People often act as though the skill were somehow magical. Yet, playing an instrument is a skill that you can learn at almost any age.

Granted, you reap more cognitive benefits if you learn as a child, but even adults can glean some benefits. So, if you’ve harbored lifelong dreams of playing the guitar, don’t put off looking for a guitar instructor.

Of course, you’re still left with the challenge of choosing an instructor for your guitar lessons. If you’re not sure what to look for, keep reading for some tips that will help you make a good pick.


While the possibilities of remote instruction are often tantalizing for parents, kids, or would-be adult learners, it’s not really a substitute for in-person instruction. Instructors may struggle with identifying problems with how a student positions or moves their hand over a video call.

If you or your child will get in-person music lessons, you don’t want an hour’s commute each way. You can narrow the possibilities with a location-based search online, such as “guitar lessons Sacramento.” That will pull up local options that will help you pick lessons that are nearby.

Education and Experience

Another thing you should consider is education and experience. Don’t rely too heavily on formal education as a bar.

Many excellent guitar instructors learned from private instructors. You should also weigh how much experience they have as musicians and music instructors.

You may benefit more by getting guitar lessons from someone with 20 years of teaching experience than someone fresh off a graduate degree in performance. 


Style might sound like a secondary consideration and it often is, at first. Any competent instructor can show students the basics. Once you move beyond the basics, though, it matters more and more.

For example, there are meaningful differences in technique between playing classical guitar and electric or standard acoustic guitars. If you know you want to play folk music, learning classical guitar techniques will provide limited benefits.


Both adults and kids possess limited free time for private lessons with a music teacher. No matter how good an instructor is, it won’t help if they aren’t available when you or your child have free time.

While working with a truly renowned instructor might warrant some schedule adjustment, it’s generally better to find someone who can work around your schedule.

Picking the Right Guitar Instructor

Picking the right guitar instructor is often a process of balancing. On the one hand, you want an instructor that provides lessons nearby. Yet, you also want someone with some real experience or education, preferably both.

You may find that you’ll sacrifice a longer drive for a better instructor. You must also balance your desire for a great instructor against their availability.

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