Learning to play a musical instrument is highly beneficial for kids, and their parents notice the benefits.

For example, 85% of parents notice an improvement in their children completing tasks after taking music lessons.

Music lessons also benefit children in other ways, but you must search for the right music teacher for your child. While you can find many music teachers, you should aim to find the best one.

Keep reading this guide to learn about the benefits of finding the right music teacher for your child.

Learn How to Play

Some people learn music themselves, but kids tend to learn by taking lessons. 

For example, if your child wants to learn piano, you can sign them up for piano lessons. Most music teachers recommend starting between 6 to 8 years old, but you can ask a teacher to learn more.

Therefore, the first benefit of finding a good music teacher is your child will learn how to play the instrument. They’ll receive one-on-one lessons that work. 

Avoid Bad Habits

Picking up bad habits is easy regardless of the instrument you’re learning. People who teach themselves or use the wrong teachers can pick up bad habits, whether learning piano, drums, guitar, or another instrument.

One key to becoming a great musician is learning to play the instrument properly. You’ll struggle with an instrument if you develop poor habits, which might cause you to give up. 

With the right teacher, you can learn the correct ways to play, helping you become a better musician.

Improves Physical and Mental Skills

Developing motor skills is a normal part of development for children, but many kids lack these skills. Music lessons help children develop these skills. 

Additionally, they help children develop other physical skills and traits, including strength and dexterity. Children also benefit emotionally and mentally when working with skilled music teachers. 

Many parents recognize these correlations and sign up their kids for these benefits. 


Learning how to play a musical instrument is enjoyable. It gives kids something healthy to do at home, at school, and with friends. In addition, they can use their talent in the school band or church.

They might also make new friends by learning an instrument. 

Another benefit is that learning an instrument is something a person can do for the rest of their life. After all, once you learn how to play, you won’t forget, and you’ll have an enjoyable hobby to pursue for the rest of your life.

Find the Right Music Teacher

Hiring a music teacher is the best way to encourage your child to learn to play an instrument, and your child can choose which one to learn.

Your child will reap the benefits listed here by taking lessons, especially if you choose the right teacher. Are you ready to find the right one?

Contact us at Music Lab in East Sacramento. We have skilled teachers that care about your child’s progress, and we’d love to teach your child how to play an instrument.