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Jacob Seither

Jacob’s lifelong obsession with the world of music began at the age of 4 under his mothers instruction.  Piano quickly became the center his world, urgently ushering in devoted personal study and instruction from a multitude of teachers.  As his competency grew so did his opportunities and desire to perform.  From the age of 8 Jacob has pursued every performing opportunity he has come across from school assemblies, churches, competitions to concerts.  He has sought out some of the best instructors in Sacramento to further develop his craft and understanding of theory.  Aaron Garner and Joe Gilman in jazz/improvisational/compositional study, Jason Sia in technique/classical repertoire, and Robert Bowman in form/Baroque study. Jacob has maintained a personal piano teaching business since the age of 15 through which he has consolidated all of his experience and instruction. This has allowed him to develop the most optimized, individualistic teaching experience possible for his students.

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