Teaching Days

Tuesday | Thursday – Rocklin

Monday – East Sacramento




Christian Midthun began playing drums at the age of 12 and studied with numerous instructors. His last destination was the drum lab where he studied under Mike Johnston. After a year of lessons he was offered the position to teach and he never look back. Around the same time he joined a band called ‘The Reel’ where he really began to shape his playing. Though he had taken hundreds of lessons he truly credits lead singer Cameron Stymeist for helping him become the great ‘pocket’ player he is. He found his love and strength to be serving the song and helping bring it to life. Shortly after joining he began writing songs as the melodic genius of Stymeist was contagious. He became obsessed with the art and still spends any free time that he has chasing that muse. Currently he is in the studio with James Cavern(Soul/R&B) as well as a band called “Trophii”(dark, psychedelic dream pop) led by duo Lindsey Pavao and Richie Smith.

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Christian’s Setup

This will give you some understanding of what he plays.

  1. 14x5.5 Yamaha Maple Absolute Snare
  2. 16x16 Ludwig Vistalite Floor Tom
  3. 22x14 Ludwig Vistalite Bass Drum
  4. 14″ Zildjian K HiHat
  5. 22″ Meinl Traditional Crash
  6. 24″ Meinl Traditional Ride