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Brian Curtin

Brian has always had an extreme passion for music. Beyond being a student of the guitar for 18 years, he has been playing gigs since he was 14 years old. At 16, Brian became the youngest guitar instructor at Skip’s Music, taking over for his mentor Tommy Armstrong-Leavitt and teaching full time for 4 years. While in school at American River College, Brian was a student of esteemed Sacramento Jazz pianist Dr. Joe Gilman. After studying music theory, music history, and Classical/Jazz performance for a number of years at with Dr. Gilman, he decided to take his study of guitar and music to the next level. From 2013-2018 Brian attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and graduated in 2018 with a double Degree in Professional Music and Music Business/Management.

Brian has always had a wide range of stylistic interests. He specializes in many styles, including Rock, Funk, Jazz Fusion and Metal. At Berklee he was lucky enough to study Jazz, Funk and Fusion with some incredible masters, such as David Tronzo, Bruce Bartlett, Jim Peterson, Jeffrey Lockhart, and Bret Willmott. Brian has played concerts all over both the West and East Coast, both as a bandleader and a sideman. He has performed, produced and generally been involved in countless recording sessions, including numerous sessions with his current band, Love Mischief. Brian has not only studied guitar extensively for almost 20 years, but is also extremely well versed in music theory, Jazz harmony, composition, music production, songwriting and teaching.

His approach to teaching private lessons is to discover each student’s goals and craft lessons that allow them to pursue those goals while having as much fun as possible. He loves to teach all levels of proficiency and is most interested in making sure that the students see the progress they want and enjoy the process of learning.

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