There is several questions and considerations potential music students will want to think about as they begin taking the next steps of signing up at Music Lab – East Sacramento. Here are just a few things to think about as you make the decision to begin your musical journey.

  • Do I Know What Instrument I Want To Learn?

This is the MOST IMPORTANT question we want our students to think about. What instrument excites you? Which one looks like the most fun to play? When you watch a concert, what member of the band/group are you paying attention to the most? These simple questions will hopefully lead the new student to where they want to start their musical journey. There is NO WRONG ANSWER to this question! At Music Lab – East Sacramento we proudly teach: Drums, Piano, Guitars, and Vocals. 

  • Do I Have The Time? Can I Make The Time?

We know that schedules can be hectic. Work life can be stressful. By the time people are finished with work they may feel exhausted. Personal life can be a challenge keeping up with making family time, running errands, additional extracurricular activities, and of course, hanging with friends! The truth is that most music lessons start at thirty minutes. Thirty minutes; once a week. Thirty minutes is a good amount of time to learn some new concepts, as well showcasing efforts from previous lessons. When the decision to make music lessons becomes a priority, it’s easy to see that the time it takes to make your lessons productive and successful, is not much more time than it takes to make one family dinner! Music lessons are currently being offered from the late morning, all the way to the evening. If “commute time” is an issue, there are now virtual options where students can learn from their own home and never have to get in a car! 

  • Do I Need To Own The Instrument I Want Lesson In?

Nope. There are several options available to the new music student if they do not currently own the instrument, they are interested in. We know that purchasing an instrument, just like music lessons, is an investment that takes some consideration. For guitar and piano students, if they do not have their own guitar or piano, both of those instruments are available for rental at several musical retail stores (we will give you a list of our favorite spots too!) There is also some fantastic resources available for buying used both at retail stores and private sellers. For our new drum students, you do not need a drum set to start making tangible progress on the instrument. A pair of drumsticks and a practice pad will take you a long way before purchasing. 

  • What If I Am Too Nervous Or Embarrassed To Start?

It is 100% perfectly natural to feel nervous, anxious, or a feeling of embarrassment to start music lessons. We assure you that feeling will leave in the first ten minutes of your lesson. We are so certain of that fact that we offer completely free trial lessons to prove it. Every musician on planet earth knows the feeling of being nervous or anxious. Our instructors are no different and will do their best to make you feel comfortable as you start your journey.

  • I Am Not Musically Inclined And Have Two Left Feet Rhythmically.

Our job is to help you become musically inclined and rhythmically proficient! We LOVE that you are struggling with the idea of music and want to find out how we can make it fun and effective for you to learn the instrument of your choice. It is perfectly fine if you do not know what a “downbeat” is or even how to clap on it. That is why we are here, and we want to make you a better musician!

We hope these answer some of your initial questions on whether or not to pursue music lessons. Just remember, we are here to help you. If you have any questions, never hesitate to call, text, email, or message us and we will be sure to get back to you. We look forward to helping you start your journey soon!