Did you know that the drummer has the most important job in the band? They help keep a consistent, steady beat for the rest of the band. If you can’t do that well, then you won’t be able to join a band. 

Playing the drum basics shouldn’t take longer than 3-6 months, but you will have to practice regularly. There are some beginner tips you need to know before taking drum lessons in Sacramento, that are outlined in the article below. So keep reading!

1. Create a Practice Space for Yourself at Home

The most important thing to getting better at drums as a beginner is to make sure you practice consistently at home. You might be taking drum lessons once or twice a week for an hour or two at a time. But that’s not enough time spent playing drums to learn the beats and get better at it.

That’s why you will want to set up a comfortable space at home where you can practice every day at least for 15-20 minutes, if not more. Make sure that you have some kind of soundproofing in place so you don’t disturb the neighbors and the other residents of your home. Or practice when no one is around, during the day. 

2. Stick to One Learning Method

There are two learning methods you could potentially use to get better at drums. They are the heel-up and heel-down techniques.

When you practice the heel-down technique, you would keep the entire bottom portion of your foot on the pedalboard, using the lower leg and ankle to push down. 

In the heel-up technique, you would raise your heel slightly above the pedal and the ball of your foot remains steady. This uses the big muscles in your hips and upper legs. 

The first technique will produce a resonating bass tone, and the second one will yield powerful strokes. Pick which one works best for you and use that from now onwards. Don’t switch back and forth between the two.

3. Observe Professional Drummers 

Another thing you can do to get better at playing drums is to watch videos of professional drummers on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. This will teach you the proper posture of a drummer and show you other techniques that you could potentially try out on your own. 

Get Drum Lessons in Sacramento to Get Better Faster

If you are thinking that you can learn drums on your own using an app or YouTube videos, think again. A good drum teacher can get you better at playing drums faster than anything else. 

We offer drum lessons in Sacramento with a free trial lesson, so if you are still seeking a teacher, contact us today. We also have guitar lessons and piano lessons in Sacramento.

It’s time you stopped dreaming about playing drums or any other musical instrument and started playing it in RL.